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About NOCU

National Organic Control Unit (NOCU) has been established under the Export Development Board (EDB) as per the regulations published under section 29 of the Export Development Act No. 40 of 1979 in the extraordinary gazette no. 1870/71 dated July 11, 2014

EDB is deemed as the Organic Control Body of Sri Lanka in terms of section 29 of the Export Development Act. No 40. 


"To empower organic agriculture system in Sri Lanka for a sustainable future."


"We are dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of consumers, farmers, processors, exporters, importers  and the environment by ensuring transparency, trust, and reliability within the organic agriculture sector by enforcing organic agriculture regulation."


•  The main objective of NOCU is to protect the credibility of organic agriculture products imported, exported and sold in the local market as a reliable source for organic agriculture products
•  NOCU is mandated to ensure the proper controlling and  monitoring of all organic related activities such as cultivation, processing, trading, certification, laboratory testing, import and exports  to ensure credible and sustainable organic agriculture value chain in the country
•  Maintain national organic standards through guaranteed monitoring procedure to safeguard the credibility of organic products that are cultivated / manufactured in Sri Lanka.
•  Regulator of the National Organic Certification Mark (NOCM)