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Organic Regulations

"Organic regulation" generally refers to the rules, standards, and guidelines that govern the production, labeling, and marketing of organic products, particularly in the context of agriculture and food. Organic regulations are put in place to ensure that products labeled as "organic" meet specific criteria related to environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and the use of synthetic chemicals

Sri Lankan Organic Regulation

Sri Lankan organic regulation was gazetted (no 1870/71 )  in  2014 and the National Organic Control Unit (NOCU) was established within the Sri Lanka Export Development Board to deal with implementation aspects of regulation.

NOCU shall be mandated to conduct market surveillance activities and to liaise with the Customs and other relevant administration in order to ensure compliance with and enforcement of these regulations.

These regulations apply to the following areas which carry, or are intended to carry, descriptive labeling referring to organic production methods:

Sri  Lanka  organic  standards
Certification of organic agricultural products
Registration of certification bodies, laboratories and Exporters and importers of organic agricultural products


Download gazette no 1870/71