SL Organic Products


Nutraceutical is defined as a food or part of it often derived from natural sources that provides the body with medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a disease. It is seen as a more natural way to accomplish therapeutic results with minimal side effects, and this view has propelled the discovery and production of nutraceutical to become a multibillion dollar enterprise.

Nutraceuticals can be found in various forms, including dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages. These products are believed to have positive effects on health, potentially preventing or treating various medical conditions.

Examples of nutraceuticals available in Sri Lanka:

1.  Jack fruit & its products
2.  Cashew
3.  Kithul Products
4.  Banana Blossom (Musa acuminate)
5.  Pumpkin seeds
6.  Jack fruit & its products
7.  Cashew
8.  Coconut Chips (Cocos nucifera)
9.  Banana powder
10.  Rice – based products